CV Azka Syahrani is a convection company specializing in Muslim fashion and uniform procurement. Started from 2001, the company located in Ciomas area, Bogor Regency, has a brand of Muslim fashion product that is widely known in Indonesia is “AZKAsyah”.

Brand “AZKAsyah” which already have the Brand Certificate registered in the Ministry of Law & amp; HAM RI, in 2010 with registration number IDM000435793. Number SIUP CV Azka Syahrani 510.41 / 018.P / 00729 / BPT / 2014.

In market development, AZKAsyah currently has 18 Agent Managers (Large Distributors) and approximately 400 agency networks throughout Indonesia.

In its activity, CV Azka Syahrani promotes the empowerment of surrounding communities in the production process. Currently around 500 employees are residents around the company and 90% of them are women who work as Embroider (Handmade embroidery).

Currently CV Azka Syahrani has received various coaching from local and central government. One of the forms is the ISO 9000: </ b> 2001 </ b> certificate in 2007 and now (October 2015) is in the process of consulting & amp; certification ISO 9001: 2008 </ b> which is the help of LIPI & amp; Disperindag Kab. Bogor.


1. Making Moslem clothes as the main choice clothing in the community.
2. Being a leading Muslim clothing manufacturer in Indonesia.
3. Become a leader / trend setter Muslim fashion with ethnic nuances of Indonesia.


1. Become “agents of change” for local people, in particular and society in general
2. Become a professional company that carries the value of trust, worship, da’wah and barokah